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Office Policies

Financial Information

Orthodontic Insurance Assignment Accepted!

Unlike your family dentist, orthodontic specialists do not generally accept insurance directly from your insurance company.  At MCO Orthodontics we have created a system where we are able to accept your insurance directly, as long as your policy accepts written insurance assignment claims.  This will help reduce your out-of-pocket costs, reduce your monthly payments, and more importantly, take away the stress and work of sending monthly claims yourself!  For this reason, our new patient coordinators will ask you for your insurance information before your consultation so that they can help coordinate your benefits.  It is a lot more work for us, but we're happy to do it to help make the orthodontic experience as smooth as possible for our patients!

Cost of Invisalign® and Braces

The cost of braces or Invisalign is directly related to the complexity of the treatment, time period involved, and the skill of the doctor. Treatment fees vary, but most full treatments at MCO Orthodontics take about a year to two and a half years, with costs generally ranging between $5000-$13,500, at an average of just under $7000. Our Invisalign cost is the same as our aesthetic fixed ceramic braces fees. There are no hidden charges for x-rays, models, or your first set of retainers.  It also includes our MCO Retainer Warranty and MCO Smile Promise, ensuring a beautiful smile long after braces are removed.  Many offices will have a separate fee for orthodontic records, orthodontic treatment, retainers, and retainer check visits.  When you add up the cost of additional fees in other offices, you will find that our fees are very competitive and present significant value, beacuse of our exceptional results, making us the most popular orthodontic offices in Markham, Unionville, Scarborough, Oshawa, Toronto, Whitby, Ajax, Bowmanville, and Stouffville.

Early interceptive or partial treatment is generally about half the cost and time of full treatment. This investment is well worth it when considering the benefits of a healthy smile while reducing the need for expensive dental care when orthodontic problems are treated in a timely manner.

We are pleased to offer flexible, interest-free financing via automatic bank withdrawal to assist you in your investment towards a beautiful smile. We look forward to helping you discover the secret behind Markham, Stouffville, Oshawa, Unionville, Scarborough, Whitby, and Toronto's best smiles!

Your financial plan includes all aspects of treatment performed in our office, including one set of retainers and retainer visits for up to one year after braces have been removed. Note that we do not extract teeth, provide check ups, or perform cleanings in our specialty office.  If you require a dentist, we would be happy to refer you to one that has the same values and expertise as us here at MCO Orthodontics.

Appointment Scheduling

  • MCO Orthodontics is fully digitized, and the scheduling system is refined to give you the appointment times that you want, quality treatment you expect, and the luxury of running on time. It also enables us to answer any questions that you may have, thus keeping you fully informed about your treatment.
  • We understand that many parents and children have extremely busy schedules, so when booked ahead on your regular rotation, we will always try to provide you with appointments that are convenient to you.
  • Parents and patients assume responsibility for a regularly maintained appointment schedule. Late arrivals do pose a problem, and in all fairness to other patients, we will do our best to see you, but will need to see those who are on time first.
  • We do require two business days' notice for rescheduling appointments to help our office serve you better. Please understand that if visits at popular times are missed or rescheduled without sufficient notice, we may be unable to offer you these times for your next visit, since they are generally booked up.
  • One of the benefits of beginning treatment the same day is the ability to minimize visits and have braces or Invisalign started at any time during they day.  When booking back to start treatment, braces placement is otherwise scheduled on the morning of a weekday.



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